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Scottish Horoscopes by Prescient Priscilla

All things Scottish

Of Scotland and of Horoscopes

Scotland is often called ‘The Brave’ though the true meaning of this is seldom clarified in any meaningful way. Less known is the phrase, ‘Scotland, the home of astrological lore and prediction ’. This will change, as one Scottish astrologer predicted, that being the nature (prescient) of her, more often than not, Scottish utterances. As to whether or not her prediction will concur with that which The Lord (fate, nature, some other deity, have it as you [or The Lord, for that matter] will(s) –, etc.) wills, we shall have to wait and see.

And yet, to be clear, neither waiting nor seeing is what astrological forecasts are about. The entire point of prediction, in fact, is to bring about a situation wherein one can entirely eschew those activities (the activities of waiting and seeing). Is this correct? Will there be disagreement? Will this disagreement be disagreeable? Well, as you may have predicted, we shall have to wait and see. There is, of course, as I have just pointed out, always an alternative - and that alternative in this case is to check one’s horoscope.

Now, one wouldn’t want to just dive straight into any old astrological account of the future. Were we to embark on such a rash and inadvisable course then apparently authoritative information which may readily be believed could very well turn out to be completely inaccurate and, based on an entirely false understanding of the zodiac, a mistaken take on the movements of the heavens and their related import as regards the denizens of planet earth, lead us to a sticky or at least tacky end. Put more simply, were one to opt for the output of one of the less seemly sooth sayers of the tabloid press and their incoherent ramblings of what would not be unfair to describe as tawdry tosh one might find oneself believing a load of codswallop and the entire episode coming to an unhappy ending.

Endings are important. They are as important as beginnings and generally these (beginnings and endings) come in matched pairs. If you ever find one without the other the chances are that the other is without the one too, as any boxer who knows his onions will advise. At this point we should stop and attempt to consider just what it is that makes for a good horoscope and by good I mean something worth believing in.

People believe all sorts of strange things. They believe strange things about the people they know, the place where they believe themselves to be located . They believe strange things about the things they eat, the causes they support, the horoscopes that they read… but mainly, people believe the strangest things about themselves and that is to say the nature of their individual selves or their self-nature. As far as I have read and from my own experience most people have fairly high opinions of themselves. I have heard that almost everybody overestimates their own ability at all tasks other than those about which they are clearly and undeniably aware that they have absolutely no talent whatsoever.

What has all of this to do with horoscopes, you may ask. People believe horoscopes because they have a high opinion of their ability to judge the value of descriptions of themselves. Convincing horoscopes often follow a set pattern. The astrologer paints a picture in which the member of the star sign will need to respond correctly in a particular situation in order that everything develops positively or advantageously thereafter. The reader is impressed with both the perspicacity of the astrologer and of the reader’s own ability to appreciate the quality of the information being provided. This is as true of Scotland and Scottish people as of those from anywhere else. When you have a Scottish horoscope writer involved in this then we're clearly getting somewhere.

And, of course, this sort of thing is to be avoided. Prescient Priscilla is different. She cares about other human beings and, as such, is a creator of horoscopes (of a Scottish nature with a Scottish twang all due to her natural heritage) that speak from one heart to another, mine to yours. Allow your heart to understand my meaning. I only mean you well and, if you take my message to your heart, all shall be very well indeed. Then Scotland will not just be 'brave' - it will be prepared and informed in advance!

Scottish Horoscopes by
Prescient Priscilla

What is it that makes these horoscopes Scottish? Well, they're written in Scotland by a Scottish lassie called Priscilla (and she's known for being rather prescient, don't you know?). So that makes them Scottish. What makes them horoscopes? Have a wee look and it will all become obvious!

Priscilla learned her zodiac, her astrological lore and how to cast horoscopes from her Scottish auntie Agnes who also introduced her to the art of writing horoscopes that were regarded as true and accurate.

Disclaimer: Prescient Priscilla's horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.